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Never gets old.


Here’s to you.

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I hope you don’t mind I drew JellybeanHead McElfFace.

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Random Bat-Fact of the Day #6: The prototype for Scarecrow’s exclamation “HROO HRAI” - typified by its use in Alan Grant and Doug Moench’s stories - were the twin shrieks of “HoOoHaAaR!” and “HoOoHeEe!”, as introduced by writer Frank Robbins in the 1967 tale “Batman’s Evil Eye!”, the character’s third appearance in Earth-1 chronology.


- (Detective Comics #389)

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such a beautiful light

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Moonlight Legends, part 3!

Sailor Moon: Anita Zolt

Sailor Chibi-Chibi: Layla DiRico

Sailor Mini-Moon: Kitsy

Sailor Star-Fighter: Robert Rivera

Sailor Star-Maker: Becca Moss

Sailor Star-Healer: Yuffie Bunny

Moonlight Knight: Arden Ytterberg

Helios: Scotty Lester

Sailor Luna: Jayana Johnson

Make-up by: Deney Adams & Kris Woodside

To see the other parts!


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"Crane is not a good guy. I think it comes from serious, deep issues from a very young age. I think he’s got a serious inferiority complex, although he’s brilliant at the same time. And the Scarecrow incarnation—well, aren’t all of these villains a little whacked out? I think it’s much more interesting when there’s a distinction between the two sides of the character because when you put on a mask you want to justify it. The freedom the mask allows someone is to live all those fantasies in your head, good or bad, without revealing yourself."—Cillian Murphy 

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la la pretty guardian sailor moooooon

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Long live the queen.

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